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August 6th, 2004 New iUni site design.

July 10th, 2004 The Active Worlds Toolkit is released as part of the open source InfoVis software framework.

August 27th, 2002
The iUni universe and all its worlds are now running Active Worlds 3.3 software featuring Contact list improvements, Direct3D 8 Support, AFK mode, Coronas, Search Tab, 3-Axis Object Rotation, Terrain, and Other New Stuff.

June 12h, 4-5p, 2002 You are invited to join us on June 12th, 4-5pm CT for a tour of a virtual 3-D world named Hometown and to experience parts of Terre Haute, IN as it existed back in 1926.

Hometown is the name of a WFIU Radio Show with Tom Roznowski (http://hometown.indiana.edu/) and is "conceived as a walking tour through Terre Haute, Indiana in the summer of 1926. Terre Haute was known during this time as 'The Crossroads Of America'. The city embodied many of the characteristics we now associate with the classic American hometown: front porch conversations, Labor Day parades, fireflies in a jar, and corner groceries. Terre Haute in 1926 also contained a private orphanage, a county poor farm, and segregated drinking fountains. Somewhere amidst all of this, you'll find a story about life in America."

L578 students re-created parts of Terre Haute in 1926 and are looking forward to guide your travel back in time and through the virtual 'Hometown' world in the iUni AW universe. The real world venue for this event will be LI503, IUB

We are looking forward to welcome you in Hometown,
Tom Roznowski & Katy Borner

March 26th, 12-1p, 2002 iUni launch at the AVL Open House, IUB

March 22nd, 2-2:45p, 2002 SoFA demo by Meltem Albayrak-Karahan at the IST Conference, Auditorium, School of Education, IUB.

March 22nd, 12-1p, 2002 iUni launch at the AVL Open House, IUPUI

Spring 2002, every Monday 1:00-2:00pm the i-Read world will host the (Virtual) Reading Group on "Network and Cluster Analysis".

December 5, 2001 (5:30-7pm) L578 students present three brave new worlds:

December 1, 2001 (1-5p EST) VLEARN 3D 2001 Conference -- "Knowledge
Spaces & Information Landscapes" will take place in AW's EduVerse

There will be a keynote by Dr. Katy Börner on "Collaborative information visualizations: Augmenting, evaluating, and studying virtual worlds and their evolving
communities" as well as panels on

  • Humans in cyberspace exploring the humanities in rich, visual contexts
  • Learning tools for interactivity and dynamic data visualization in science worlds
  • Mentoring, counseling and tutoring in living knowledge spaces
We plan to host one of the live sites here at IU with demos of worlds,
video streaming, etc. Please let me know if you are interested to participate and/or
contribute to this collaborative event - it provides a unique chance to show and see whatexciting projects we have at IU.

November 13 & 15, 2001: 1-2:30pm EST Online Demo of the iUni Uniserver at Research@Indiana, SuperComputing Conference in Denver, Colorado.

October 1, 2001: Dr. Katy Börner announces the L578 Design Deal. This program offers free design of customized 3-D worlds for teaching and research purposes to IU faculty. Details are available at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/L578/deal.html. To qualify please send a project description to katy@indiana.edu by Oct 9th.

September 28, 2001: Dr. Barbara A. Bichelmeyer and her doctoral student, Kursat Cagiltay, from the Department of Instructional Systems Technology, are allocated 5 new worlds: CP2P, Peace, Harmony, Unity and Hope. This project is intended to promote cultural understanding and collaboration among designers, teachers, and students from 4 countries: Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States.

September 26, 2001: Dr. Katy Borner, from the School of Library and Information Science, creates the first iUni worlds, i-Scape, i-Read and iUni, for her teaching.

September 24, 2001: iUni is launched and will be tested by Indiana University faculty, staff and students throughout the Fall 2001 semester. iUni scheduled to open officially by Spring 2002.

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